Food in the Central Balkan

Our aim is to tune your senses to the mountain. At the Aromahoney mountain retreat you can smell and taste the real flavours of nature: herbs, mushrooms, fruit, and of course honey. We enjoy foraging for wild foods and tasting the unadulterated sweets and bitters of mother nature.


Sourdough bread

Taste the mountain

When you visit the mountain retreat we can take you on a culinary journey through the mountain to taste the produce of each season: nettles in April, wild plum in May, Boletus mushroom and wild strawberries in June, honey in July, berries in August and pears and apples in the Autumn. By Winter we have filled up all the jars and cupboards with jams, Aromahoney, dried fruit, syrups, liqueurs, vinegars, wines and many other natural delicacies to keep us during the cold Winter months.

Pick your own

We will be glad to show you where and how plants grow, how to distinguish between good and bad, tasty, sweet and bitter as well as explain the natural benefits of each plant. You can pick your own herbs, mushrooms and fruit and help us extract the honey and prepare the preserves for Winter.

There is an abundance of medicinal plants around the Aromahoney mountain retreat: St John’s Wort, Yarrow, Motherwort, many varieties of mints, each of which has special properties. And we will show you how to recognise and use them to enjoy their health benefits.


Natural flavours of the Central Balkan

Healthy eating

We eat simple food provided by nature. At the retreat you can enjoy good healthy tasty food made from produce that are not only sourced locally but also picked and prepared by you. If you want you can help us make yoghurt, cheese, sourdough bread, cordials, home-made wines from blackberries, rosehip, as well as jams and compotes.

Bountiful natureĀ 

The Central Balkan due to its temperate climate, sunshine, abundance of water and pristine, untouched nature is a reservoir of European plant diversity and health. The amount and variety of plant and animal life here is surprising for everyone.

And it is safe and pleasant too! Here you can walk freely in the hills, fields, meadows and forests discovering the wealth of mother nature in your own time and tasting its fruits straight from the ground, bushes and trees.

The Cycle of life

Every season in the Central Balkan is beautiful. We have four distinctive seasons that blend into each other smoothly that culminates with an Indian Summer in the Autumn when all the produce is finally readied for Winter.

Winters are cold and snowy from January onwards. Spring is wet in March and sunny in April. You can feel nature waking up. Summer is hot and dry. The Autumn / Fall is gorgeous and mild. A season of abundance and preparation for the cold months ahead. It is nature at its best!

You are welcome to join us to taste each season and appreciate the cycle of life.