Honey from the Central Balkan

Our honey is good. It’s very good. We don’t know if it is the best in the world but we sure know that it is good. Our bees harvest a lush variety of mountain flowers, many of which are medicinal plants: St John’s Wort, Melissa, Yarrow, Lime, many sorts of Mint and blossom from so many different types of apple, pear, plum, cherry trees as well as blackberries, raspberries and wild strawberries…


Central Balkan honey

The variety of the bees’ food makes the honey from the Central Balkan tasty and strong. It is a tonic for the immune system and a source of health.

Red honey

Our best honey is red. The colour comes from the large proportion of St John’s Wort that surrounds the hives. You can these potent medical flowers taste it in the honey.

Taste the mountain

When you visit the mountain retreat you can also taste all the fruits of the season: pears, plums, apples, berries and even the medicinal herbs in the form of herbal teas. We also produce dried fruits, jams, compotes, vinegar and other natural and healthy delicacies.

Aromahoney blends

And we do not just collect the honey we blend it with herbs and essential oils to create Aromahoney. You can taste it  here in the Central Balkan. It is a blend of mother nature’s healing fruits. Aromahoney is  a natural remedy for the soul healing your senses by rekindling feelings of joy.