Mountain holiday

In the Central Balkan there is so much to do. You can enjoy a mountain holiday that combines relaxation, quality time with your family and loved ones, outdoor and creative activities.

Wild Balkans

The Central Balkan is known for being the wildest and most beautiful part of the Balkan mountain range. The air is naturally renewed 4 times a day, every day of the year.


Family mountain holiday

The forests are teaming with wildlife. During communism it was the private hunting ground of the former dictator. You can stay overnight at his hunting lodge and see deers congregate in the evening below your window. In the vast expanses of forests you can see many tracks of wild boars, bears, wolves, jackals. And if you go out at the right time you might even spot them. The mountain streams have trout. And there are many birds too in the region: eagles, hawks, finches, cranes and many more…

The Central Balkan is a pristine natural environment that you can enjoy on your own. You can walk, ride a horse, cycle or run and enjoy all of it on your own. You will not see any tourists and probably very few locals too. The mountain is all for yourself!

Home-made food

You can taste great good hearty food in the Central Balkan. Most of the produce is sourced locally and home-made: Bulgarian yoghurt, goat’s cheese, mountain honey, forest jams, fresh mushrooms, berries and wild meats: boar, deer as well as fresh trout.

We have many vegetarians options with lots of salads, fresh fruit and home-made bean stews.

Make your own

You can also have fun preparing your own food and drink.You can pick the fruit from the tree and the berries from the bush. We’ll show you how to make traditional Bulgarian yoghurt and cheese from cow, sheep or goats milk. You can also learn how to distill your own slivova rakia (local plum brandy) and take it home as a souvenir.

You can also learn about medicinal plants and pick your own to make a personal herbal tea blend.

Private mountain lodges

During your stay in the Central Balkan you have a choice of accommodation. There are private mountain villas, forest lodges and even a cabin in the woods if you feel adventurous. We usually combine in one holiday several types of accommodation depending on your preferences so you can enjoy different experiences during your stay.

Active and creative

There is lots to do in the Central Balkan. You can enjoy a broad range of both art and nature activities. The vast expanses of forests and mountains are an ideal location to let go and take it all in. you can enjoy the mountain on foot, walking or running, on horse back or on a mountain bike. You can also vary the activities every day. One day walking, the next cycling and the next canyoning and river swimming. You can learn about bushcraft and basic survival techniques. Overall, there are many outdoor and nature activities open to you in the Central Balkan to enjoy an active holiday.

You can also get creative. You can prepare your own food and drink. And you can try local crafts like pottery to make your own bowl, wood carving to create your own souvenir, fibers arts to make traditional Bulgarian socks, black smithing to make your own axe, pyrography to decorate wood. Most activities can be adapted to beginners and children.

We are adepts of the Maker Movement so most of all we like to discover nature and then use its elements to create something new and original. Nature is both inspiration and material for us to create. The Aromahoney mountain retreat is mainly decorated from natural materials foraged in the forests around us. You are also welcome to contribute to our cabinet of curiosities where we save the most interesting bits and pieces of the natural world that always amazes us.

A personal holiday

Your mountain holiday in the Central Balkan is fully personalised. We adapt every part of it: food, accommodation and activities to your personal preferences.

We can also recommend nice places to visit in Bulgaria and the Balkans such as Plovdiv and Thessaloniki. And you can combine your mountain holiday with time on the beach on the Black sea or Aegean coast in Northern Greece.

Your mountain holiday in the Central Balkan offers variety and privacy, something that you cannot find in most overcrowded destinations in Europe.