Feel art

This is a great BBC programme about a beautiful painting called The Harvesters by Pieter Brueghel the elder. You can really understand what went into the painting.

But you can also feel that neither the presenter or the commentator have ever taken part in a harvest. They can imagine but they cannot feel it. From the dusty depths of their museum and art books they fantasize with their heads about what it is like to be in the fields but they cannot understand it with their hearts.

They’ve never lifted up a scythe and cut down square metre of grass. And they never gathered in their arms the wheat that is sun burned or plucked the wild grasses that smell like herbal tea. This is what we do. And it’s a great feeling!


#real #nature #rewilding #reconnect

Here at Aromahoney in the Central Balkan we do it for real. You can join us and give meaning to all the novels and paintings you have enjoyed so much about nature. Here you can #Reconnect with nature and understand what the author really meant.

Join us to discover the reality of this truely amazing painting.