Digital Detox

Too busy, feeling overloaded and stressed. Sometimes it’s better to get away to come back feeling fresh and focused…

… and the Aromahoney mountain retreat is the right place to get you back on track, feel positive and #Reconnect.

Nature helps

The Aromahoney mountain retreat in the Central Balkan is the ideal place for a #DigitalDetox. Here you can switch off and rediscover yourself. The stunning panoramic views of the mountain, the direct contact with nature, the fresh air and healthy food helps you find your inner voice.


Rediscover yourself

Here you can find time to rest, be positively active and live healthily. There are no distractions: TV, phone, internet, advertising. And there are no other people. Just you and yourself.

Remember who you love

You can enjoy the #DigitalDetox on your own or with your partner or family. Too often in our busy lives we get distracted and lost. We forget to listen and talk to each other. At the Aromahoney mountain retreat you can rediscover the fundamentals of a positive lifestyle and enjoy a fulfilling relationship with your loved ones.

Just for you

At the retreat we create a personal programme just for you. We listen to what you want and adapt the house, activities, diet to meet your expectations. It is an ideal place for a mountain holiday.  Here it’s all about you. our aim is to help you replenish your energy levels and help you get back on the right track.

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